Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tips to Improve the Page Rank of a Website

Page Ranking

Whenever you type a keyword for your searches, search engines fetch relevant results and display on the first page. Have you ever thought based upon what, the websites are listed in the pages of search engines? The listings on the search engines are purely based upon Page Rank of the websites. Higher the page rank better would be the position of your website in the pages of search engines.
Now the question is: How to get a good Page rank? Before going into depth, let us tell you that page rank is mainly about the quality of the links that your website possesses. However, for quality links you have to work little harder and make things happen. Let us see, how you can get good page ranks for your page:

Build quality backlinks:

There are many ways of creating great backlinks, but we would say that the best method is ‘blogging’ and ‘commenting on others’ blogs’.  It is always good to search for good page rank websites and post your blogs on such websites, as this will add PR value to your page through the backlinks. Also, make sure that your blogs are posted on relevant websites, so that relevant traffic gets directed to your website, through the backlinks.

Create great content:

Understand a simple fact,if the menu doesn’t lure the customer, they might not be interested in your restaurant. Similarly, if your content doesn’t develop any interest in the reader’s mind, he will not be interested to know more about you. Create quality content, so that users develop a good impression about you and make use of backlinks to explore about your product/service. 

Guest blogging on relevant niche:

Guest blogging is one of the most powerful weapons to create quality links. This doesn’t mean that you can post your blogs in any kind of website to obtain good PR.You should try to post your blogs on renowned and your kind of websites. Do not forget to add your website as the signature link at the end of your article.

Interact with other bloggers:

Connecting with bloggers on the internet will not only enhance the page rank of your blogs, but also let you enter a community. This will make you well-famous sooner than you could have achieved it, doing it alone.
Our conclusion is: Obtaining PR is more or less about the kind of links you have and links will do wonder, if the kind of content you write and post satisfies the readers. We would suggest you to write it in human-friendly manner, as search engines will only like you and assign good Page Ranks to your website, if you are liked by your readers. 

-Authored by Sara Bruce. She is an SEO analyst and an avid blogger. If you come across any negative reviews about your Business/Services do visit our pages on ‘Remove negative feedback’ & ‘Remove negative results from Google’ to get rid of it.


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